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SQL Server Version Numbers

This morning I have been building out a new ConfigMgr demo environment on my laptop based on Server 2008 R2. I had already installed SQL 2008, but couldn’t remember if I had installed SP1 for SQL 2008 or not. I looked at the version number, but then had to go to Microsoft to find out what the version number equated to in terms of SP level. For future reference to myself and others, here is a concise list of SQL Server version numbers and the corresponding friendly name. This will be useful if you already know the version number. If you need to know how to get the version number from you SQL server, refer to this page (which is where this list of numbers came from). That page lists the SQL queries for each version to perform to obtain the version number.

SQL Version Version Number
SQL Server 2008 RTM 2007.100.1600.0
SQL Server 2008 SP1 2007.100.2531.0
SQL Server 2005 RTM 2005.90.1399
SQL Server 2005 SP1 2005.90.2047
SQL Server 2005 SP2 2005.90.3042
SQL Server 2005 SP3 2005.90.4035
SQL Server 2000 RTM 2000.80.194.0
SQL Server 2000 SP1 2000.80.384.0
SQL Server 2000 SP2 2000.80.534.0
SQL Server 2000 SP3 2000.80.760.0
SQL Server 2000 SP3a 2000.80.760.0
SQL Server 2000 SP4 2000.8.00.2039
SQL Server 7.0 RTM 7.00.623
SQL Server 7.0 SP1 7.00.699
SQL Server 7.0 SP2 7.00.842
SQL Server 7.0 SP3 7.00.961
SQL Server 7.0 SP4 7.00.1063
SQL Server 6.5 RTM 6.50.201
SQL Server 6.5 SP1 6.50.213
SQL Server 6.5 SP2 6.50.240
SQL Server 6.5 SP3 6.50.258
SQL Server 6.5 SP4 6.50.281
SQL Server 6.5 SP5 6.50.415
SQL Server 6.5 SP5a 6.50.416
SQL Server 6.5 SP5a Update 6.50.479
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